Your company’s AI code assistant

The new standard for code development

Ship better code, faster
  • Speeds up the dev process with full-function & whole line code completions
  • Follows your styles and patterns
  • Aligns your dev teams with consistent code
  • Automates repetitive code
  • Reduces errors & speeds up the code review process
Enterprise-grade security and privacy
  • Generative AI models are only trained on repositories with permissive open-source licenses
  • Self-hosting
  • Your code and AI training data are never shared
  • Full compliance with company regulations
Management and control
  • Centralized configuration
  • Train your models of specific team repos
  • Advanced reporting for effective ROI monitoring

Tabnine provides impressive code completion functionality and helps boost your development productivity. It works seamlessly with most of the popular modern IDEs.

Wisang Eom, Managing Director of Research Center at LG Electronics

Ship better code, faster

Bring innovation to your organization

Enterprise-grade security you can trust

Centralized management and reporting

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