Getting started
Learn how to get the most out of Tabnine’s generative AI, including how to accept code completions, get additional coding options, and more.
Install Tabnine plugin
Click here for detailed instructions
Note: Tabnine supports Visual Studio Code and JetBrains IDEs
Get Tabnine’s code suggestions
As you code, you’ll see Tabnine’s code suggestions inline in grey (in addition to the IDE’s popup suggestions).
Accept a code suggestion
Hit Tab to accept a code suggestion.
Note: Tabnine may override your IDE’s "tab to accept" shortcuts.
To edit Tabnine’s Tab shortcuts: Going to Settings > Keyboard shortcuts > Search for "tab" > Configure new shortcuts
Explore additional completion suggestions
To view the next or previous suggestions, use the following shortcuts:
Next: Alt + [
Previous: Alt + ]
Get more from Tabnine
To view code suggestions for a new line, click Enter. We recommend working on file that already contains code to provide Tabnine’s AI model with sufficient context.
Click the Tabnine logo in your status bar at any time to manage your settings, get help and more.